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In this extended season, we are offering 2 in-person worship services to meet your needs. It is our hope that by offering these two options we can create space for more people to return for in-person worship and provide you with an opportunity to connect with your brothers and sisters each week.


In this email, we will walk you through what you can expect from each service, the precautions and measures we are taking to ensure health and safety, and invite you to consider which service works for you and your family.



A few months ago as the world was locking down, grocery stores and other essential services started opening their doors early to allow people from the community who were in the "at-risk" categories to feel safe while providing space for them to shop and participate in ways that they did prior to the pandemic. It is with this in mind that we are pleased to offer you a space to attend in-person worship at Lakeside. 


Our 9:30am service will be aimed at those who may be at risk or vulnerable, families who are committed to wearing masks while in public, and those who wish to ensure a healthy measure of social distancing. If you want to attend the 9:30AM Worship, here's what you can expect...


The glass doors will open at 9am to begin welcoming you into the building for worship. We are asking that everyone enter through the glass doors and we are designating the Debbie Lane door as "exit only." We are asking that everyone who attends the 9:30am service to diligently wear a mask or a face covering throughout the entire service.


In the foyer, you will see a Welcome sign with QR Code so that you can access our Digital Weekly Bulletin. You will also find individual, single-serve communion cups (with wafer) laid out on a table near the entrance. There is a table designated for each service. Please pick up your communion cup and then head to your seat.


Inside the auditorium you will find that our seats are laid out to facilitate social distancing. The CDC recommends that churches and houses of worship remove every other row and stagger seating so that families can sit with one another while maintaining social distance with others. This is exactly what you will find at Lakeside. We encourage you to sit where you feel most comfortable.


Our worship service will include singing, prayer, a message, communion, and a time of giving. We invite you to participate in every part of the service. 


Once we dismiss, you will be directed to exit using the Debbie Lane doors. Once everyone has exited the auditorium, we will begin the process to clean and sanitize the seats and building for the 10:30 service.


We are doing everything we can to prepare for every contingency and to process any and all feedback we receive. We are also asking for your courage to participate with us at one of our services this week. We are committed to creating a positive, uplifting worship experience while at the same time providing a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Sundays are a vital rhythm for God's people to experience growth as we worship Jesus, meet with one another, and encourage each other in the mission that God has called us to pursue.


We hope to see you in-person at Lakeside at 9:30AM or 10:30AM this Sunday. It is going to be a great weekend, Church!