Micheal Felker, Minister

Hello! My name is Micheal. In 2006, I moved to Mansfield in order to serve Lakeside as the Youth and Family Minister. In March 2011, I transitioned in to the Lead Minister role. There is no where else on Planet Earth that I would rather be then serving along side the families in this church body.


I have a beautiful wife named Sandy and two amazing kids named Hewson and Adele. 


I believe that God has called us all to grow and mature as Disciples of Jesus Christ. It is my hope, that through the grace of God, that we will mature and grow together. There is nothing that gets me fired up more than the idea of glorifying God in our culture through helping others grow in their relationship with Jesus, grow their friendships with His people, and gain influence in the lives of those we are called to serve.


I hope that you will partner with us as we seek to make Jesus famous one disciple at a time.

Welcome! I’m George, and I began serving the Lakeside church family as their Youth & Family Minister in 2015. I graduated from ACU with a degree in Youth and Family Ministry in 2002 and have been journeying alongside students ever since. 


My wife Rachel and I were college sweethearts. She has a degree in Ministry to Children and Families and is a music and fine arts teacher for elementary and middle school students. In 2012 we adopted our daughter, Wendy Rose, who shows us the joy of Christ in every way. God blessed our family again in the summer of 2015 with the adoption of George III, who amazes us with his gentle strength. 


We believe in the power of prayer, family, and God’s love. I believe that God is actively involved in our lives - calling us as a community to be transformed into the living image of Christ. I love seeing this power on display around a dinner table, in the faces of students as they serve others, and in the voices of people crying out to our God in worship.


I pray you will consider joining us as we seek to live life together -

on earth as it is in heaven.

Pam Lewellyn 


Nicole Leal

Little Hearts School Director

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