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At Lakeside Church of Christ we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for children and youth that will help them learn and grow. Webelieve that it is our responsibility to protect them from any physical or sexual abuse and to provide for the safety of all children and teenagers when they are involved in church-related activities. It is our desire not only to maximize safety and prevent child abuse within our church community, but also to guide and protect volunteers and employees from unwarranted allegations of child abuse.

The disturbing and traumatic rise of physical and sexual abuse of children and teenagers in our nation has impacted all areas of our society. Not only is child abuse criminal behavior, it also goes against everything the God desires for us in His Son, Jesus Christ. As a result of this, Lakeside Church of Christ is implementing new practices within our Children and Youth Ministries to reflect our commitment to provide protecting care for all children, teens, staff, teachers, and volunteers who participate in church sponsored activities. These practices will be applicable to all employees of the church, all employees of Little Hearts School, all volunteer teachers/helpers, youth ministry workers, and any other members working with children and teens entrusted to our care.

Screening Practices and Procedures

1. All Teachers and Volunteers will complete a Children and Youth Volunteer Application Form.

• This application will be reviewed by the minister or ministry leader(s)

responsible for the area in which the applicant is requesting to volunteer.

• The application will be maintained in the confidential file of the main office.

2. All Teachers/Volunteers will have a criminal background check done by Lakeside Church of Christ and its designated agent. The background check will be repeated at intervals of no more than 3 years.

3. Any individual convicted of abuse to a child/teen cannot be engaged in any capacity that would bring them into contact with children or teenagers.

If you are interested in helping teach/volunteer at Lakeside please click here to be redirected to the Children and Youth Volunteer Application Form


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